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Did you know that the cheapest skip bin hire category is either concrete only, or green waste? If you have concrete only waste (including bricks, pavers, rocks, stones and tiles), then the prices are cheaper than general waste skip bins. If you have only green waste, the prices are also cheaper than other waste category skip bins.   READ MORE>>>

Hiring a skip bin in Adelaide is easy and affordable with Fluro Skip Bin Hire. We accept may kinds of waste, but like all skip bin hire companies, we do charge extra for certain items that you might put in the skip bins. These are mattresses, gas bottles, and tyres.  READ MORE>>>

If you put tyres in our skip bins, like all other skip bin companies, we do charge extra. Our recycling centre charges $30 per tyre, so if you have a few, the price can add up quickly. Here at Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide, we recommend disposing of your unwanted tyres at The Tyre Collectors. They are cheap and friendly, and make it easy to get rid of tyres.  READ MORE>>>

Concrete only mini skip bins are amongst the cheapest category for skip bins Adelaide. This is because concrete only is cheaper to process and recycle than general waste. Concrete only products / masonry (predominately concrete and bricks) are tipped out into a separate area to the general waste, and do not need to go through the same time consuming sorting and picking processes that other mixed waste streams have to go through.   READ MORE>>>

Skip bins Adelaide – if you have green waste to dispose of, you can choose from any skip bin size – 2 cubic metre, 3 cubic metre, 4 cubic metre, 6 cubic metre and 7 cubic metre skip bins can all carry green waste. Great if you are doing a lot of weeding, pruning, cutting down shrubs / trees, mowing the lawn and do not have enough space to fit it all in to your green recycling bin. READ MORE>>>

Choosing the skip bin size you need can be tricky. You don’t want to order a skip bin which is too small as overloading the skip bins is prohibited and carries extra charges. However you don’t want to pay more than you need to by ordering a skip bin which is too big for your needs. READ MORE>>>

For cheap skip bin hire Adelaide, Fluro Skip Bins are the number 1 choice. Our smallest mini bins are 2m3 and will hold approximately 2 x (6x4) trailer loads, or 10 x 240L council wheelie bins. For customers who have more rubbish than this to dispose of, we also provide 3m3 mini bins, 4m3 mini skip bins, 6m3 skip bins and 7m3 skip bins. READ MORE>>>

Residents can book a skip bin 7 days a week from Fluro Skip Bin Hire. Our opening hours are Monday – Friday 7am – 7pm, Saturday 8am – 4pm, and Sunday 9am – 3pm. Skip bin bookings can be made by calling 0418 318 867, or by emailing flurobins@gmail.com

Save Money on Mixed Waste Skip Bins by Using Our New 'Bin Bundles'

At Fluro Skip Bin Hire, we are commited to keeping our prices as low as possible for Adelaide residents. We strive to recycle all waste in the most efficient way possible to keep the impact on the environment to a minimum. READ MORE>>>

General Waste Skip Bins

General waste skip bins for Adelaide residents come in the following sizes:

2 cubic metre
3 cubic metre
4 cubic metre
6 cubic metre
7 cubic metre


Recycling Processes for Skip Bin Waste: Part One

Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide uses a local Adelaide recycling plant to separate and recycle all the contents placed into the skip bins. They use a very efficient process to recycle the waste and currently around 90% of all waste is recycled and diverted from landfill. READ MORE>>>

Recycling Processes for Skip Bin Waste: Part Two

Paper / cardboard: Paper and cardboard are baled and sold within the domestic market. The material is re-used in the production of new paper and cardboard products.

Plastics: Plastic is also baled and exported to various markets, where plastic (especially film) is highly sought after. READ MORE>>>

Skip Bin Hire Northern Suburbs

Need a skip bin in the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide? Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide operate throughout the Northern Suburbs - we deliver and collect skip bins each day in Adelaide's Northern Suburbs - 6 days a week.

Our skip bins come in 5 handy sizes - for all your domestic, commercial and industrial skip bin hire needs. If you are wanting rubbish removed from your home, office, yard, or warehouse, Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide have the skip bin types to suit your needs. 


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