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Recycling Processes for Skip Bin Waste: Part Two

Paper / cardboard: Paper and cardboard are baled and sold within the domestic market. The material is re-used in the production of new paper and cardboard products.

Plastics: Plastic is also baled and exported to various markets, where plastic (especially film) is highly sought after. Recycled plastic is sorted, cleaned and remanufactured into plastic pellets which are a direct replacement for virgin plastic raw materials. The recycled plastic pellets are then used to manufacture a range of products including automotive components, buckets and containers as well as construction materials.

Timber: Demolition timbers form a significant component of the material delivered to the recycling plant. Large lengths of timber are separated and on sold to timber joineries for reuse in the manufacture of recycled furniture, doors, windows. Smaller sections of timber are, together with a smaller percentage of green waste, shredded to produce saleable mulch typically used in the landscaping sectors.

Masonry: Masonry (predominately concrete and bricks) are crushed to produce a range of saleable road-base materials. These materials are direct replacements for materials traditionally quarried from the earth.

Ferrous and non-ferrous metals: Metals are separated and sold to both domestic and export markets and smelted for reuse as a direct replacement for virgin raw materials.


Created 2nd March 2015
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