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Skip Hire Adelaide - Hot Money Saving Tip: Mattresses 

Hiring a skip bin in Adelaide is easy and affordable with Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide. We accept may kinds of waste, but like all skip bin hire companies, we do charge extra for certain items that you might put in the skip bins. These are mattresses, gas bottles, and tyres. 

We charge an extra $30 per item for these. If you have any of these then the price can add up, but there is good news!! If you have a mattress to go in the skip bin, you can avoid the extra charge. You can do this by separating the metal springs from the material. This takes a bit of effort but is fairly quick and easy to do. Just get a stanley knife, cut around the edge of the mattress, and pull out the inner material part that you’ve cut. This will expose the metal springs underneath, which you the pull out from the material casing.

Once the metal springs are separated from the material, you can put both components into the skip bin, and you won’t get charged the extra fee because you have already done the work that the charge would normally cover. 

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Created 3rd August 2015
Skip Bin Sizes for Adelaide
Choosing the skip bin size you need can be tricky. You don’t want to order a skip bin which is too small as overloading the skip bins is prohibited and carries extra charges. However you don’t want to pay more than you need to by ordering a skip bin which is too big for your needs.
Cheap Skip Bins Adelaide - Skip Hire Adelaide Information
For cheap skip bin hire Adelaide, Fluro Skip Bins are the number 1 choice. Our smallest mini bins are 2m3 and will hold approximately 2 x (6x4) trailer loads, or 10 x 240L council wheelie bins. For customers who have more rubbish than this to dispose of, we also provide 3m3 mini bins, 4m3 mini skip bins, 6m3 skip bins and 7m3 skip bins.
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