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Please add $10 to all general waste and mixed waste skip bin prices until 8th January.

(The usual recycling centre is closed until 8th January so we are having to dump rubbish from bins into a different section which has a higher dump rate).

Cheap Skip Bins Adelaide

Based in Wingfield, near Port Adelaide, Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide are a family owned and operated local skip bin hire company offering cheap skip bin hire for domestic, commercial and industrial purposes in Adelaide. Our mini skip sizes range from 2 cubic metres up to 7 cubic metres for rubbish removal in Adelaide SA. We accept general waste, green waste, concrete / bricks / pavers / tiles, dirt, heavy mixed. Prices vary according to the skip bin size, and the waste type going into the skip bin. To find out more about sizes you can click on our Skip Bin Sizes page. To find out more about the waste types, including what can and cannot be placed in the skip bins, click on our Waste Types page. 

Our mini skip bins can be kept for 5 days on site. If you are ready earlier just give us a call to arrange collection. If you need the skip bin for more than 5 days please let us know when booking - skip bins kept on site for more than 5 days are charged at $20 extra per day per skip bin.

Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide are an efficient mini skip bin hire company and we pride ourselves in eco waste management and rubbish recycling. By using Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide, over 90% of your waste will be recycled and diverted from landfill. All waste goes through a rigorous sorting process and all the different materials are separated, processed, and reused or sold on for production. More in depth information on the recycling processes can be found on our Recycling Processes Part 1 page, and Recycling Processes Part 2.

Cheap skip bin hire - we cover most of the metropolitan Adelaide area - just go to our Skip Bin Delivery Areas page to see if you are in our range for mini skip bin hire.

If you are unsure of anything that's not answered on our website please call us on 0418 318 867, or email on flurobins@gmail.com for a free quote on any of our skips.

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Will my rubbish be recycled?

Yes - over 90% of rubbish put in our skip bins is recycled. To find out more about how your waste is recycled please head over to our articles on recycling at Recycling Processes Part 1 and

Can my skip bin be placed on the nature strip?

We cannot put skip bins on the nature strip unless you have a permit from your local council. You must obtain a permit before booking your skip bin and it must be for the right amount of days that you'll be keeping the skip bin for. See our Local Council Permits Guide page for more information.

Do you deliver  / pick up on weekends?

Yes we do. You can book a mini skip for delivery or pick up on Saturday. Most deliveries are completed on Saturday mornings. We also take bookings on Sundays, but unfortunately do not deliver or pick up skips. If you need the skip bin for a Sunday, we can deliver to you on the Saturday.

Can I overload the skip bin?

No you must only fill the skip bin up to the rim. Overloaded bins are dangerous and illegal to transport so if you have items higher than the rim our driver will either remove the offending items, or you will need to level out the skip bin / remove the offending items before we collect.

What can't I put into the skip bin?

There are certain items that cannot be placed into any skip bin. These are foods, liquids, paint, chemicals, toxic waste, contaminants, asbestos. Also the recycling centre do charge extra for mattresses, gas bottles, and tyres - when booking your skip bin our staff will ask if you have any of these three items. The extra charge is $30 per item, and they must be placed on top of all other waste, still keeping with the skip bin only up to the rim.

Can my skip bin be placed in the carport?

No not unless you have a really high carport. The truck will not be able to fit in most carports and when the skip bin is lifted off the truck the arms of the truck raise higher to get the skip bin up and off via the back to be placed down behind the truck.

What size skip bin will I need?

The size skip bin you will need depends on how much rubbish you have to remove. The general rule is that 1 cubic metre is the equivalent of 1 x (6x4) trailer load slightly heaped. So a 2 cubic metre mini skip bin will take approximately 2 x (6x4) trailer loads, a 3 cubic metre mini skip will take approximately 3 x (6x4) trailer loads, 4 cubic metre skips will take approximately 4 x (6x4) trailer loads, 6 cubic metre skip bins will take approximately 6 x (6x4) trailer loads, and a 7 cubic metre skip bin will take approximately 7 x (6x4) trailer loads. For more information on skip bin sizes, have a look at our Skip Bin Sizes page. The measurements of each skip bin are listed here.

Do you deliver to the whole of Adelaide?

Fluro Skip Bins Adelaide cover most of Adelaide metro. We are located quite centrally so whether you are in the northern suburbs, or need skip bin hire in the north eastern suburbs, eastern suburbs, western suburbs, or in need of mini skip hire in the southern suburbs or central suburbs, chances are we've got you covered for cheap mini skip hire. You can check out our whole suburbs list on our Delivery Areas page, or you can view the list by area: Northern Suburbs, North Eastern Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, Southern Suburbs, Western Suburbs, Central Suburbs.

Can I get same day delivery?

If you call us in the morning of the day you require the skip bin hire, we may be able to deliver that day depending on what suburb you're in and if we are in that area, or are able to travel there on that day. If you call before 10am usually we can fit you in the same day. During extremely busy periods such as school holidays, public holidays, and the weeks leading up to Christmas and New Year, advanced bookings are advisable to avoid disappointment.

Skip Bin Sizes - Pictures of Skip Bins

Choosing the right size skip bin for your needs can be tricky. To make this decision easier for you, we have recently posted pictures of our skip bins to scale, with the dimensions, and what volume they are equivalent to in regards to trailers and council rubbish bins.

​​Concrete Skip Bins Adelaide

Concrete only mini skip bins are amongst the cheapest category for skip bins Adelaide. This is because concrete only skip hire is cheaper to process and recycle than general waste. 

Cheapest Skip Bin Hire Categories

Did you know that the cheapest skip bin hire Adelaide category is green waste? Green waste mini skip hire is also in the cheapest category.

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